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Please visit one of the below pages to see groupings of creations and ideas. Feel free to contact AMW with your own images to serve as a genesis for your fabrications.

Current Projects on the Bench

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Welcome to “Architectural Metal Fabrication”

Welcome to the web site dedicated to custom metal fabrications.  In this world custom means Architectural Metal Works or AMW will work with you to determine your needs, your budget, and ultimately your style.


The Grape Trellis


AMW is owned and operated by a practicing architect who has welded and fabricated metals as a hobby and business for the past 6 years.

Every item built by AMW is an original, and has a uniqueness only obtainable by hand cut, hand built, and hand welded works.  Nothing produced by AMW is machine or production run built.

AMW uses a combination of recycled and new steel stock as applicable to the creation.

Feel free to contact us with your ideas, so we can help you realize them.  Hopefully you will be surprised by how economically you can have a custom fabricated design built for you.


Currently we have built-

  • Security Doors
  • Architectural items for the home or business, eg arbors, trellis, area well grates, security guards
  • Body Guards for vehicles, eg cattle grills, skid plates, external frames
  • Vehicle Utility Racks, eg bike racks, safari racks, hitch accessories
  • Furniture, eg tables, shelves, desks, etc.


Contact:  If you would like to speak to someone about a particular project or if you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at