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Current Projects on the Bench

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Recently Completed – Strongest Bird Feeder Ever

Here is a question for you.  What does a fabricator / architect do when he needs a bird feeder requested by his children?  Here is a hint:

He has a plasma cutter, mig welder, assortment of grinders, and a bunch of miscellaneous steel plate left over from other jobs.

The answer, he builds the worlds strongest bird feeder…..

This little gem is built out of all 3/16″ thick steel plate and mounted with a 3/4″ solid steel bar insert slipped into a 1/8″ wall steel pipe.  The roof lifts off to allow filling with seed, and it has 1/2″ slots at the bottom to allow the seed to automatically feed the tray as the little buggers eat.  It took a little while for the birds to accept it but after about two days, they are eating bird seed till their little hearts are content.