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Security Doors

AMW is proud to present Security Doors as its newest offering of products.  The Architectural Metal Works Security door has many unique features both designed to enhance security as well as appearance.  Most importantly the AMW security door is a custom creation.

AMW is constantly updating original design options to choose from based on both current and historic styles.  Any of the options shown can selected or the homeowner can choose to mix and match designs from one door to the other.  Finally if a homeowner wishes to start his door from scratch AMW will work with you to make their door design a reality.

All doors are constructed with the following features

  • 100% steel door assembly with fully through welded joints. 
  • 100% steel frame with concealed 3″ fasteners
  • Minimum 4 fully welded 2″ barrel hinges with 3/8″ barrel pin
  • Removable tempered glass fully gasketed windows
  • Matching screens
  • Lock-boxes designed to accept standard entry latches and locking bolts
  • Owner selected entry hardware
  • Painted with high performance industrial emamel paint (powder coat available)

Door A-1Door A-2Door A-3Door A-4Door A-5Door A-6Door A-6Door B-1Door C-1Door C-2Door C-3Door D-1Door D-2Door D-3