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Recently Completed – Douglas County Veterans Monument – Pedestal Armiture

Architectectural Metal Works is is pleased to give back to the community in the form of donated  support design and fabrication services for the Douglas County Veterans Monument.  The base of this statue will be a granite encased pedestal that will be supported on a fully welded 3/16″ thick angle frame.  The angle frame is the portion being provided by Architectural Metal Works and Fabrications.  Once provided and lifted into place, it will be bolted to the concrete foundation and receive two layers of 1/2″ cement board as a substrate for the eventual granite casing.

For more information on the Monument itself, you can find the web page at:









To complete this project, the design documents for the monument pedestal had to be coordinated with the final structural steel methodology to arrive at an outside dimension that would work with statue and plaques that will eventually be installed.

Due to the geometry this project basically is constructed of 4 or 5 different shapes that are repeated a significant number of times and creating a lot of work for the shop band saw, before assembly could start.  Now that 85% of the shapes are cut, work can start putting it together.  The following are progress images showing the fabrication.

The fabrication of the armature and it has been handed over to the capable hands of other service providers donating their time and effort to make this monument a reality.  The current page will be updated as much as possible with available images of the ongoing process.  This process can be seen on the Douglas County Veteran’s Monument Foundation web site at  Companies participating in the completion of this landmark that may be identified in the pictures are:  MR Hauling of Larkspur, Go Beyond the Sign (, and AZZ Galvanizing of Denver (

Getting close to the dedication ceremony.  Many partners have come together to make this a successful tribute to Veterans everywhere.  I special thanks to the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation ( for giving Architectural Metal Works and Fabrications an opportunity to participate in this exciting project.